10 Easy Keto Desserts for Any Occasion

Couple sitting on bedDesserts - The best way to end any meal and some times okay to have before dinner. 

Desserts are the ultimate joy of any meal and probably why we all always have room for desserts. Trust us, life is too short to skip desserts, but when we enjoy too many desserts, the lbs start to add up. We love desserts but not the pounds that can come from them! What to do then? Are we going to skip the sweets? Of course not! The answer is simple; moderation. It is so important not to deprive yourself of food and not look at food as punishment. The trick to succeeding in any diet is making sure that you watch what you eat and if you crave something unhealthy find healthier alternatives. You would be surprised how many healthier alternatives there are now.

We love to find the best keto desserts when we are craving something sweet. After a lot of searching, we have found the best keto desserts to soothe your taste buds. This article carefully compiles 10 Easy Keto Desserts for Any Occasion so that you can fulfill your sweet cravings.

Before jumping straight to the recipes, let’s enlighten the reasons why you need to opt for keto desserts even when you’re not up for keto weight loss. 


4 Reasons to Opt for Keto Desserts Now

Keto brownies with sifterThe reasons explained below are surely going to convince you even when you’re not on a keto diet. 


Gut Health Matters

The pathogens use sugar to grow and reproduce, leading to multiple health issues like bloating, H.Pylori, constipation, etc. The worst is, even the unrefined sweeteners like raw honey feed these microbes. Keto desserts are free of all sorts of sugars and hence keep control of these disease-causing microbes.


Controlling Blood Sugar is essential.

Diabetes shifts genetically and needs to be controlled strictly. Processed sugars added in confectionaries directly impact the insulin levels. This insulin over-stimulation also leads to inflammation, which is the mother to many other health issues.


Take care of your Hormones.

Our body systems need carbs to perform well, and carbs come out of different sources. The carbs coming from root veggies, rice, grains, and sweet potatoes are hormone-supportive, whereas the carbs coming from any sugar source are as harmful as poisonous.


Every Bite Counts

Studies explain that the 80/20 rule best balances the meal routines for anyone. It says 80% must be real healthy food and nuts for another 20%. Any significant change in that pattern can badly shake the roots of a healthy lifestyle, leaving you trapped in different illnesses.


The above reasons are strong enough to make your mind for keto desserts from now onwards. Here’re some of the best recipes you’re going to love. 


10 Best Keto Desserts for Any Occasion.

Keto chocolate chip being dunked in milk

    1. Keto Double Chocolate Donut

      Chocolates and Donuts, both are loved, and a combination of both is the loveliest. You can grab some Dairy-free and Gluten-free ‘Double Chocolate donut’ from the market that makes the best combination with some of the keto-friendly glazes and toppings. Searching the market is time-taking but ordering via PBH Foods is convenient with only 6 Net Carbs/Donuts as their Double Chocolate donuts are all baked on order and delivered fresh and yummy.

    2. Keto brown Butter Pralines

      For a holiday dessert, what can be better than pecan and cream pralines? The best thing about Keto Pralines is, they are only one net carb meaning you can soothe your cravings. Making is also quick with some minutes on the stove and some minutes in the fridge.

    3. Banana Foster Dessert

      Yes, you read it right. Banana Foster that will revitalize your sugar-striving nerves without disturbing your Keto macro. Banana foster is made using some sugar-free syrup, almond butter, dairy-free milk, and keto ice cream (optional). The Recipe of Banana Foster is easy yet exceptionally delightful.

    4. Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

      Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream truly makes life so much sweeter.  Living without ice creams is no less than a nightmare. No worries, now you can console your yearnings by learning the Recipe for Keto Vanilla Ice Cream.

    5. Keto Strawberry Jam

      Jam is a breakfast staple, especially with a nice warm keto bagel. Even when you have opted for a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy Keto Strawberry Jam with multiple variations and food combinations. Making is also fun and quick. What a relief!

    6. Keto Chocolate Mousse

      Mousse is the smoothest and creamiest treat.  Keto mousses are low in carb and dairy-free that can be made easily using only four raw ingredients, including heavy cream, sweetener, vanilla, and unsweetened cocoa. The best thing, it doesn’t even require chilling.

    7. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

      A definite ‘Wow’ treat anytime, anywhere. Chocolate chip cookies are an integral part of the festivities of any occasion and share an unbreakable bond. Usually, these cookies are two net carbs per cookie but finely baked Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies by PBH Foods are only one net carb. What a great feast!

    8. Keto Cinnamon Donuts

      Cinnamon is not only the yummiest but the healthiest too, and Keto Cinnamon Donuts are beyond perfection. Although they are simple-to-make, ordering some of the finest Keto Cinnamon Donuts can save you a lot.

    9. Keto Mug Cake

      Probably the quickest and the yummiest dessert for any occasion is always a Mug Cake. They are simple to make with only 2 to 3 ingredients and the lowest bake time. Keto Mug Cakes are kind of ‘I’m ready to go, but I need a desert’ type of treats.

    10. Keto Chocolate Cake

      Dairy, gluten, and sugar-free chocolate cake? Just wow! These keto chocolate cakes are the quickest one-bowl recipes, and the taste doubles if you top it with some of the tastiest gluten-free glazing or icing of your choice. The combo is enough to squash Choco cake cravings!


Life is short, and you don’t need to strive for desserts. Opting for Keto Desserts will solve your riddle, allowing you to soothe your sweet cravings without affecting your Keto Macros or even everyday life when you’re not on a keto diet. Keto Desserts worth your time and amount!  

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