"A Decade of Decadence - 12 Years of Secret Baking Recipes Unveiled."


100% Whole, Real, & Delicious

All PBH Foods treats are crafted in our small-batch bakery using whole, unprocessed ingredients. Our promise is all our goodies are: DAIRY FREE • GLUTEN FREE • GRAIN FREE • NON-GMO

PBH is such a welcome and needed addition to the sweets & treats market. Not only are PBH baked goods beyond delicious, but they're also made with high-quality ingredients that serve my body and those of my family. We love the variety of items they offer, as they’ve got me covered from morning 'til night!
Krista Happ
Richfield, Minnesota
PBH products are absolutely scrumptious! I appreciate the care and integrity that goes into each delicious bite. Another great thing about PBH goodies is they’re individually wrapped and freeze extremely well. I have to say, my favorite Cinnamon Sugar Donuts taste WONDERFUL straight out of the freezer (where I *attempt* to hide them from myself).
Kalamazoo, Michigan
I can’t emphasize enough just how delicious PBH products taste with their natural ingredients. The Cinnamon Rolls taste like Cinnabon rolls without the icing.  Then you find out there’s only 8 grams of sugar in them and you’re in love. I also really enjoy the cookies because they are sweet but they don’t go overboard with the sweetness. Just melts in your mouth.
Chris Williamson
Brooklyn, New York

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