Keto Bacon and Egg Bagel Sandwich

Keto Bacon and Egg Bagel Sandwich

Find yourself needing a quick 5-10 minute grab and go breakfast idea? Us too—I am always rushing in the morning after hitting the snooze button a few times. I have found that our PBH Foods Sesame Seed Bagels are not only keto and delicious, but they are a real lifesaver! I don't typically make crazy fancy breakfast items; 1, I do not have time, and 2, I am a simple girl—I enjoy the basics—bacon and egg.

Below is how I make the perfect keto egg and bacon bagel sandwich using our Keto Sesame Seed Bagel.


Sesame Seed Bagel

2 large eggs

1 sugar free bacon strip


1. Cook bacon until nice and crispy. Remove bacon and set aside

2. Using bacon fat, scramble the 2 large eggs 

3. Slice Keto Sesame Seed Bagel in half and stick inside toaster until crispy

4. Assemble keto bagel sandwich

5. Enjoy!

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