Where Can I Buy Keto Bagels?

Since starting the keto diet, I’ve had a difficult time adjusting to my new breakfast routine. If you’re like me, everyday my breakfast consists of some variation of eggs and cheese, which can quickly get boring. Not that eggs are not delicious, but there are really only so many variations of ways to eat them before you’re basically sick of them. Although I did know coming into the keto diet that many people struggle with finding great alternatives to mix things up, I did not expect to have this few options for breakfast specifically. As the most important meal of the day, breakfast is crucial to get your day started efficiently, and for those of us on keto, keeping us in ketosis with the appropriate macros. Your main goal within the keto diet is to push your body into, and staying within, ketosis. But what is ketosis? Ketosis occurs within your body when you push your body into prominently burning fat for energy instead of the traditional carbohydrates your body uses (probably including your favorite breakfast items). This is achievable by cutting down carb intake exponentially while also increasing your fat intake responsibly. Keeping your body fueled with the correct macros and foods is vital to get your body into this state of ketosis, helping you get through your day energized, and helping you hit your health and weight goals. Where it also left me was eating eggs very often for breakfast because of how effective it was for keeping me in ketosis. They are also extremely easy to make, and perfect on the go keto breakfast (in the form of boiled eggs). But I quickly have gotten sick of even the smell of eggs at this point, so what else?

In this time of doubt with my breakfast routine, I can’t help but reminisce about my old breakfast habits. I guess what I really miss are all the carbs I used to indulge myself with. I miss the bread, I miss the potatoes, I miss the cereal, and I really miss the pancakes. These are just things we have to learn to forfeit (mostly) while looking for success on the keto diet. Of course there are alternatives for those of us on keto, but we all know those don't taste the same as the original thing. There are thousands and thousands of keto recipes online that you can experiment with, just as I have, and you’ll find that most of them end up being very disappointing and not a viable replacement for the void in your heart left by your old favorites. One breakfast carb-filled item I have dearly missed are bagels. My holy grail of breakfast items for its efficiency in being a quick, delicious and adaptable breakfast item, I have dearly missed them. If you were to look online for a keto bagel recipe, you’d find that most of the recipes don't end up turning out looking much like any kind of bagel you have seen before. They end up more like flat, tasteless saucers that don't help satisfy my bagel craving. Similar to where I found myself with many other keto recipes online, I was now unsuccessful in satisfying my cravings of the past while still staying within ketosis.

If you wanted to start a diet like the keto diet maybe 10 years ago, you would have had a very difficult time finding success with variety for your diet. This is due to there simply being a lack of viable options available in mainstream supermarkets and stores for someone who may have been on keto or a similar diet. It just was not as popular as it currently is, and therefore companies were not interested in tapping into such a small portion of the market. Many people would find themselves eating the same recipes over and over again and get sick of the repetition and lack of flavor. It would be very difficult to stay focused and true to a strict diet if you began to get bored of what was available to you. But nowadays, there are companies like us here at PBH Foods, who are starting to understand there's a large demand for effective, delicious keto for those of us on the keto diet. We at PBH Foods have a variety of dessert options that are 100% keto-friendly! This helps so many people like transition from our old eating habits into our new macro-counting ways. Sure, I’m going to have to forfeit many of my old favorite dessert options, but PBH makes it possible for me to bring desserts like chocolate chip cookies, vanilla donuts, double chocolate donuts and plenty others with me on my keto journey.

We have always strived to be innovative here at PBH Foods. We try and take what the keto community would consider impossible, and make it possible and delicious! We offer the best keto desserts delivered to your doorstep in days! Sure we created keto desserts to help the keto community fill their void left by all their favorite carb and sugar filled foods, but how about breakfast items? How about bagels? We did that too! Introducing keto bagels has given so many people in the keto community an alternative to their breakfast routine and something that will finally help them stop missing their old bagels! The best part about our keto bagels? They’re also dairy, gluten, and sugar free as well! With only 1 net carb per bagel, you can enjoy your keto bagels with your favorite toppings with none of the guilt. You can enjoy these keto everything bagels with cream cheese, almond butter, or even as a sandwich with some turkey and cheese. After buying these keto everything bagels you are going to look forward to your egg-less morning breakfasts! Stop missing your old ways and start figuring out how you'll continue to push forward with your health goals with delicious keto-friendly alternatives to your old breakfast and dessert favorites.
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