Keto Diet: What is it?

Hey there! Welcome to the PBH blog! I love coming up with new ways to communicate with our customers, so here I’ll be giving you all the PBH happenings and share some amazing highlights of our customers! I think the best way to start this blog is to address a question I get asked EVERY SINGLE DAY!

What is keto?

I’m glad you asked! Keto is a bit more than just a “nationwide fad”. The keto diet consists of consuming high fat while keeping your carb intake low in order to push your body into a process called ketosis. In ketosis, fats are burned instead of the traditional carbs your body would use instead for energy. It’s been linked to many health benefits and something that our audience has been requesting more of over and over. Some of our favorite keto highlights include:

  • Leads to more weight loss! 
  • Controls your blood sugar and keeps it low! (Also great for insulin levels).
  • Improves energy levels and sleep. Easier to get out the door in the mornings!
  • Helps improve your metabolism to decrease the amount of time your hungry throughout the day! 

 I always take feedback, positive or negative seriously when it comes to new releases or our current product offerings! We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of demand to begin expanding our keto friendly line! I can’t wait for you to try even more keto goodies coming later this month, So stay tuned! Here you can find all of the keto goodies we currently offer. 

This month, both our new keto chocolate chip donuts and keto fudge cookies are featured in our subscription box along with our paleo snickerdoodle cookies and paleo empanadas! 

I’m very excited about including our new keto friendly goodies with our traditional paleo goodies in our monthly subscription boxes. Don't you worry though, all of our keto products are also paleo friendly! I know some folks have certain sensitivities to 0 sugar alternatives, and we’d love to help fit your dietary needs!  If you have any issues with any of the sugar alternatives we use for our keto goodies (Stevia, Monk fruit, Erythritol, or Allulose) please reach out to us at and someone from our team will be more than happy to accommodate you.   

Recently, I sent out an email survey to all of our subscribers requesting feedback on our new subscription box. (If you haven't filled it out please make sure to here! All of your voices matter to us!) From gathering our results, it's very clear there's a huge desire for there to be a Paleo subscription box and a Keto subscription box sold separately. We’re currently in the works on providing just that for you! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our first PBH blog! I am so excited to share more of our journey with you!  Stay tuned for all the amazing goodies to come! Welcome to the PBH Tribe! 

Stay sweet,