Is Allulose a healthy sweetener? 5 Sugar-Free Desserts

Cookie being dunked in milkA keto diet can completely change your health for the better, but getting used to what you can and can't eat takes time. The biggest keto struggle is when the dieter's sweet tooth starts nagging them to give it something full of sugar.

Of course, sugar is a major no-no on keto, so what alternatives are there? What keto sugar is available, and what sugar-free desserts and keto desserts are there to hit the spot? We'll answer all your questions below!


What is allulose?

Allulose is a new sweetener on the market with the texture and taste of sugar but contains minimal calories and carbohydrates. Also known as D-psicose, allulose is often referred to as a “rare sugar” because it naturally is found in only a few foods, including raisins, wheat, and figs.

Allulose is a welcome discovery for those with diabetes because it does not raise your insulin levels. It also has just 0.2–0.4 calories per gram, which equates to around 1/10 the calories of table sugar. Research has also indicated that allulose has anti-inflammatory properties and could help reduce diabetes and chronic disease risk. Allulose is absorbed by the body, but not metabolized so it is nearly calorie-free. According to the FDA allulose does not need to be listed under total sugar or sugar alcohol although it is added to the total carbs on nutrition label. 

Allulose is a main ingredient in a lot of ketogenic baked goods due to its low carb levels.


What is keto sugar?

Spoon with keto sugarKeto sugar is the term used to describe a sweetener, natural or manufactured, that is safe to eat on a ketogenic diet.


What keto sugars can I use on my keto diet?

Sifting sugarWhile sugar is not keto-friendly, there are some sweeteners you can use to give your food and drinks a sweet kick which staying in ketosis:

  • Stevia. This natural sweetener comes from the Stevia rebaudiana plant and is known as a non-nutritive sweetener, meaning that it contains very few calories or carbohydrates. It differs from regular sugar in that it may help lower blood sugar levels. Stevia is available in both liquid and as a powder and can be used to sweeten any meal, drink, or dessert.
  • Xylitol. This sugar alcohol is one of the main ingredients to make mints, chewing gum, and hard candies. Xylitol has a recognized glycemic index of 8 and a caloric value of 2.4 calories/gm.
  • Monk fruit sweetener. This sweetener comes from the Chinese monk fruit, this keto-friendly sweetener contains no carbs or calories, yet it can be 100-250 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Several other sugar-free sweeteners used in ketogenic baking and cooking, but allulose and monk fruit sweeteners are best and the ones we choose to use in our keto-friendly snacks and keto desserts.


Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth on a Keto Diet

Keto pumpkin donut on a plate

  1. Three-ingredient Cheesecake Fat Bombs. Usually, eating something called a “Fat Bomb” is less than diet-friendly, but on a keto diet, desserts must be carb-free rather than fat-free! To make this tasty keto dessert, all you need are:
  • 4 oz (115g) cream cheese
  • 2 oz (1/4 cup) palm oil-free peanut butter
  • 1 oz (2 tablespoons) allulose (or any keto sweetener you prefer) 

Combine the three ingredients in a bowl, stirring them until they’re nice and smooth. Scoop the mixture into golf ball-sized balls and freeze them for two hours. Easy, delicious and keto-friendly goodness in no time at all!


PBH Foods Sugar Free Desserts

Keto chocolate chip cookie being held in hand

  1. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie? Usually, they are off-limits on a ketogenic diet, but these contain only one net carb per cookie, so they’re undoubtedly keto-friendly! These keto cookies are thick and sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a subtle vanilla flavoring and mini chocolate chips in each delicious bite! They’re also dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  2. Keto Vanilla Donut. With just five net carbs, this keto vanilla donut is the perfect addition to your morning tea or coffee or as an afternoon snack to stave off those cravings. This tasty keto donut is the perfect sugar-free dessert, and it’s free from dairy, gluten, grains, and GMOs. It’s a win-win!
  3. Keto Cookie Gang Bundle. Do you have a sweet tooth but don’t have the time to prepare your keto desserts at home? This bundle of treats from PBH Foods is perfect for you. These keto cookies are delicious and guilt-free, so you can enjoy them whenever the sweet cravings hit. This box contains four keto chocolate chip cookies, four keto fudge cookies, and four keto lemon coconut cookies so that you can snack on a different cookie every day! (Don’t give in to cravings and eat them all at once!)

For more delicious bundles of keto-friendly goodness, check out our website. You can choose from boxes of donuts, bagels, and cookies, as well as a custom PBH box, where you can mix and match your favorite keto cookies, donuts, and bagels. At PBH Foods, all our freshly-baked treats are sugar-free and gluten-free because we believe that you deserve to treat yourself while sticking to your keto diet!

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