PBH Tribe Spotlight: Krista!

For this edition of our PBH Spotlight we’re very excited to share Krista’s story! Her journey has been one of various medical issues of which doctors struggled to fix. She decided enough was enough after years of suffering through these issues, and took her health into her own hands. After spending years relying on medication, steroids and antibiotics and ignoring what she put into her body, she made drastic changes to her lifestyle and diet. I feel as her journey will really resonate with so many of our Tribe Members who may be suffering with similar issues and feel as there may be no solutions for their problems. Krista’s story really emphasizes the importance of being aware of what you consume, and how your diet can be the best medicine available to you! 

We sent Krista a few questions to get to know her story better! Check it out!


Can you give me a brief story about yourself?

As a child I never paid much attention to my diet. I was a gymnast and could eat whenever and whatever I wanted without much impact on my weight. Flash forward, when I was 16, I came down with a case of mononucleosis, which my body was unable to fight off landing me in the hospital ICU and on a whole slough of antibiotics. After that, I started noticing little-by-little that certain foods may not be "digesting" as they "should", but continued with the same diet I had always known. In my 20's, I developed what my doctor believed to be hives, and was prescribed a round of steroids. After they failed, and I continued to get worse, I was re-diagnosed with Scarlet Fever, which lead to another round of antibiotics on top of the steroids. I didn't know about the importance of caring for my gut throughout any of this, and after years of poor diet and antibiotic use, it let me know it was time to start caring. This time around it didn't bounce back as fast. I started noticing what sounded like water swooshing around in my belly constantly when I walked up and down stairs, did a workout at the gym, you name it. And my stools were loose all the time. After doctors put me on yet another round of antibiotics to try and "solve the problem", and with it failing to do so, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started changing my diet and learning about anti-inflammatory foods and how to serve my body like never before. Not only did it make a huge difference then, but food continues to serve as my first "medicine" of choice today.

How has changing your diet impacted your life?

Not only did changing my diet help heal my gut at a time when things felt hopeless, but it was a huge step and start to this journey of really considering how the things we consume not only through our mouths, but on our skin, through the air in our home, etc. impact our health. Not only that, but I would consider it to be the first step in what has led me to be the blogger I am, sharing my story and my knowledge, at "Happy Healthy Casa" today.

What are you most passionate about?

There are honestly two things that if you handed me a microphone and said you have to speak on a topic for 30 minutes on-the-spot, that I could easily fill up the time with and more. And those two things would be holistic living and raising a bilingual child. We are a home full of essential oils, herbal teas, reusable straws and glass containers, chemical free products and a whole lot of Spanglish. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

What’s your favorite form of stress relief?

I go to a community acupuncture weekly, and I rarely ever miss an appointment. I know it is serving my body by pinpointing specific needs that it has, but also it feels so wonderful and refreshing to just take the time for myself as a busy mom to rest.

What’s your favorite PBH product?

Out of those I've tried so far, I've got to hand this title over to the cinnamon rolls!

What does our acronym P.B.H. mean to you?

Inclusivity and progress. Honestly, while it no longer bothers me to be in a meeting or lunch room full of cookies and donuts that don't serve my body, it always feels good those handful of times when someone has gone out of their way to ensure that those of us who cannot consume gluten, dairy etc. or who just prefer a healthier alternative are considered. Not only that, but I love seeing the "surprised" look on peoples faces when they try a Paleo baked goods and find out how delicious it is for themselves sans all the junk! It begins to create a mind-shift oftentimes in them as well!