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Beginning a keto diet can seem almost impossible. Always planning for your next meal and checking macros can quickly become tedious and exhausting. But what if it didn't have to? Grocery stores around the country are embracing the keto movement kindly by adding a bunch of options that caters more to your keto diet needs. It’s such a drag to go shopping at a local market and find a lack of keto friendly options forcing you into cooking the same meals over and over. Thankfully some chains/supermarkets are actively adjusting to these new diets so many people are finding success on. Nothing makes me more happy than having a bunch of keto options to help keep me both excited, and satisfied. So what's the best supermarket to find all your keto needs?

My personal favorite place to shop for all my keto needs is Costco! One thing many keto dieters often complain about is lack of variety in their new diet. They often find themselves eating the same thing very often to try and stay in ketosis. This will quickly deter you from any alternative diet and take you back to your old poor habits. Five years ago it was almost impossible to find a variety for something like the keto diet. Luckily Costco has added thousands of keto-friendly options within the last few years that work perfectly with diversifying the keto diet giving you the opportunity to mix things up and stay fresh! 

With so many options available, it was very hard to make this list! Here are some of my favorite keto finds at Costco:

Almond Flour 

We love almond flour. The base of all our products is almond flour. I love that it is gluten free and is super low in carbs. There is only 5g of carbs for every ¼ cup. Best of all you know exactly what is in it. Almonds. If you have never tried baked goods with almond flour, you have to check out our line up. After trying our keto desserts and paleo desserts you will never want to have desserts made with regular flour again. I even use almond flour as bread crumbs. It makes the best gluten free flour option.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can fix anything. Frizzy hair? Coconut oil. Dry skin? Coconut oil. No shaving cream? Coconut oil. Bad credit? Coconut oil. It is one of those ingredients that is so versatile and it can be used in almost any recipe. Coconut oil is the perfect substitute for high-carb butters in any recipe. It is also dairy-free! It has 0 carbs and 15g of fat per tablespoon. When you are needing a few more grams of fat for the day on your keto diet, coconut oil is a great boost. I love using it to cook or fry up anything at home. Coconut oil is also perfect for creating some delicious keto dessert recipes. Adding a little bit of coconut oil in your keto desserts will make them moist and delicious. It is such a simple ingredient packed with so much flavor. We use coconut oil in our keto donuts and paleo donuts. The coconut oil really makes our keto desserts and paleo desserts pop. Wanting to try some of our donuts? Check out our donut bundle

Nuttzo Nut And Seed Butter

Something I keep in my cabinets is Nuttzo nut and seed butter. It is a great topping. I eat this with anything I can! An organic nut butter for all keto dieters or paleo dieters to enjoy. What I love about this butter is that it combines absolutely amazing with our keto desserts and paleo desserts. It takes our keto desserts and paleo desserts to another level of greatness. It is such a simple addition to our PBH Foods desserts, but it is so satisfying. This nut butter is a great source of healthy fats to combine with your delicious PBH treats and other paleo desserts or keto desserts. With 7 kinds of nuts included and very limited ingredients (Paleo too!), and 16g of fat per 2 Tbsp, this will keep you well within your macros while making anything it touches more delicious. I like mixing this butter with our keto vanilla donut.

Kerrygold Grass-Fed Butter

Not all butters are created equal. I never thought I could taste the difference between regular butter and grass fed butter. Let me tell you, the difference is night and day. When they started carrying Kerrygold at Costco I was so happy. I use kerrygold butter to cook and even to create some delicious keto frostings, keto icings, paleo frostings and paleo icings as well. If you are interested in seeing some keto icing recipes and paleo icing recipes leave a comment below and we will send you some delicious paleo icing and keto icing recipes. I also like using this butter to slather on top of our keto lemon coconut cookies. Sounds like such a strange combination, but there is something so yummy about the creamy butter when it is mixed with the delicious lemon flavor that you cannot help but to want to keep eating more. It also tastes great on top of any of our keto donuts.

Karma Kafe Keto Creamer

I am a huge coffee drinker. I cannot start my morning without first brewing myself a nice hot cup of coffee. I typically have my coffee black and on occasion I like to get a little crazy and I add creamer to my coffee. I try to stick to black coffee since most creamers are full of sugar and filled with terrible ingredients. Karma Kafe is a keto friendly creamer. It is a really clean fat-based coffee creamer for my morning joe. I like that it is an added boost of fats right in the morning.  Coffee is an amazing compliment to have with any of our keto desserts or paleo desserts. If I have a cup of coffee with me, you better believe I am unwrapping a keto donut or a keto cookie to enjoy with it. When you dunk a keto donut in the hot coffee the donuts sucks up the coffee flavor and creates such a moist and delicious flavor. Having a keto donut and coffee is the perfect keto breakfast for me. 

Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy cream is such a simple yet amazing ingredient to have. I find myself constantly reaching for this when creating keto recipes. It adds moisture to whatever you are cooking. I love using it for my shakes and smoothies. I also use it if I'm out of my typical coffee creamer. I use just a drop for my coffee :)  I also like creating whipped cream to top our keto desserts with. I love seeing whipped cream form from whisking a liquid. I typically whisk the heavy cream by hand so seeing the cream form is so satisfying. I love topping our keto donuts with whipped cream. I also love creating a whipped cream keto cookie sandwich with it. Such an easy keto snack to enjoy. 

Macadamia Nuts 

I love having easy keto snacks in my purse to grab when I am hungry. One of the best nuts you can eat on the keto diet is macadamia nuts. With lower carbs than most popular nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts, macadamia nuts are a keto dieters and paleo dieters best friend. Costco has made quite an effort in recent months to include more of a variety of nuts available. They are the perfect low carb, high fat snack to help you push through your day while keeping you way within ketosis (only 5 net carbs per 100 grams of macadamia nuts!) My favorite thing to do with these nuts is create a macadamia nut butter to slather on top of our keto cookies or keto donuts. I even grab some of the butter and slater it on our paleo desserts as well. This combination makes it a perfect keto snack to enjoy. I even love taking my macadamia nuts and our keto chocolate chip cookies to the movie theater. They make the best keto movie theater snacks! No need to have all the junk movie theaters have. 

As you can see there are hundreds of options not mentioned in this list that you can use to diversify your new keto diet or paleo diet! Remember, a big reason as to why so many people give up on the keto diet and paleo diet is because they run out of variety and get sick of eating the same meals all the time. It’s time to diversify your options within your new diet to make sure it keeps you well within ketosis, while staying satisfied. Use our list to get inspired on your next Costco run. If you have a few of our keto snacks and paleo snacks on hand give these ideas a try. If you need to stock up on a few keto desserts or paleo desserts to try these ingredients with, check out our keto goodie here and check out our paleo goodies here

Hope this list helps you find some great keto buys for your next grocery shopping haul. What are some of your favorite keto selections at Costco? 

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