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It’s that time of year again. You are sitting on the couch, binge watching your favorite cooking show when suddenly, it hits you. You haven’t done any Christmas shopping for your keto loving partner! I know, I know, I also dread going to the shopping malls for the holidays. The long lines, the packed crowds, the lack of delicious keto desserts or paleo sweets in the food court. As much as I would rather stay in and wait for packages to be delivered to me via Amazon or, I know I’ll end up at the mall the weekend before Christmas amongst the chaos (whoops!). I personally can’t help but to procrastinate this time of year. As a man, I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of shopping in any capacity, let alone during the crowded holiday season. The only thing that will motivates me and prevent any “hangry attacks”: a full belly. I am currently trying to stick to a pretty strict keto diet and with so many processed, sugary snacks options at the mall it can seem very hard to find anything to fuel your body that won't seem like cheating. It always seems impossible for me to get through a mall visit without snacking on a pretzel or some other poor food choice from the food court. A great way to avoid the dangers of mall food is by bringing your own snacks along! Truth is, there’s plenty of snacks from PBH Foods that you can pack to go that fit right into your keto or paleo lifestyle while being able to crush those cravings! 

Often when people take on the paleo or keto lifestyle they find themselves in difficult situations asking themselves “what can I actually eat?” after learning of the restrictions that apply to either lifestyle. Here at PBH Foods we’ve worked hard for the last 7 years to concoct the best keto recipes and paleo recipes for your favorite classic baked goods (we know you miss them!). For us it has always been the same mission. We create delicious desserts that just-so-happen to be Keto friendly and paleo friendly.  We focus on flavor first, then the benefits second. While many have figured they may have to give up many of their favorite desserts when switching to these healthier lifestyles, we did not give up! We’ve created clean, delicious keto friendly goodies and paleo friendly desserts to help satisfy those cravings and then some! Instead of eliminating desserts from your diet, we prefer to give you a plethora of delicious keto diet and paleo diet options to choose from. What’s better than guilt free freshly baked goodies delivered to your door? 

Here are some of my favorite PBH Foods snacks to take with me on-the-go that also keep me in check: 

My Top 5 PBH Keto Desserts: 

  1. Cinnamon Donuts makes for a wonderful addition to your morning or afternoon coffee. Great cinnamon flavor with the perfect amount of fat to keep me in ketosis.
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookies are a staple in any household and the perfect keto treats. A great Keto take on everyone's favorite cookie. I know you’re missing these!
  3. Double Chocolate Donuts are the ideal treat for all keto chocolate lovers. With only 6 net carbs per donut, these are perfect to keep you in ketosis. My go-to snack to kill cravings in the middle of my day.
  4. Keto Donut Bundle Need variety in your life? Who doesn’t! Finally, donuts that satisfy your keto lifestyle. Our best selling keto donut bundle makes for the perfect snack for any point in your day. The 4 different flavors make for great variety throughout my week. They come with me everywhere!
  5. Lemon Coconut Cookies are the perfect keto lemon treat. With a hint of coconut to underlie the lemon flavor, these are a great refreshing cookie for any time of the day! 

    My Top 5 PBH Paleo Desserts: 

    1. Cinnamon Roll Bites are PBH’s #1 seller store-wide for a reason. They are bite sized product with a gigantic punch! We’ve come real close to perfecting the paleo cinnamon roll! Take a pack of 3 with you in your purse/bag to keep you fueled throughout your day. 
    2. Cinnamon Apple Empanadas We do not sell these on our site anymore, but we do release them every so often. If our Cinnamon Roll Bites are our best selling product, these little guys come in a VERY close second. Our Cinnamon Apple Empanadas are our paleo twist on your traditional apple turnovers desserts. Mouth-watering cinnamon and apple flavor packed into a traditional empanada. An ideal snack to take with you anywhere for any time! 
    3. Walnut Brownies What? You can make paleo brownies? You sure can! These are my personal favorite and they are the perfect addition to your paleo diet. The perfect fudge flavor you know and love packed into a delicious snack size. The ultimate guilt-free dessert perfect to take with you for any time in the day. (amazing with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!)
    4. Toaster Pastries are one of our all time best sellers here at PBH. These rectangles of goodness are elusive and hard to come by. We usually release these delicious paleo goodies on a limited basis and they quickly sell out! Whenever I can get my hands on these delicious pastries it brings me back to my childhood. Ultimate blueberry flavor packed in the most gentle pastry.  But hurry quick! They sell out fast!
    5. Snickerdoodles are the perfect cinnamon holiday flavor packed into the softest cookie. These are also not currently sold on our store, but keep an eye out for special releases. These cookies are a delicious paleo take on a classic cookie. Just in time to leave out for Santa! He’ll love them ;) 

    These are some of my favorite PBH products to bring with me to avoid any hanger throughout my day (especially with shopping!) .They’re the perfect snacks to bring with you on the go for any situation! Individually packed to ensure freshness, these keto/paleo desserts are baked fresh to order just for you! 

    What keto snacks and paleo snacks are you bringing along with you to snack on for your holiday shopping this year? 

    Stay sweet,


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