Do Keto Bagels Exist?

Bagels pretty much reign supreme above all other breakfast foods. They are dense, hearty, and full of that carb-rich dough we all love so much. They’re easy to make, ready for on the go, and you can almost put anything on top of it to make them delicious. Growing up, having a nice toasted bagel smothered in cream cheese was a staple for getting my morning started the right way. There was nothing like feeling the warm toasted bagel right out of the toaster oven bright and early, and ensuring every inch of it was covered with my favorite toppings. I can’t think of a more adaptive breakfast either! You can have it with peanut butter and jelly, or smack an omelette in between both slices for a hearty breakfast sandwich. Whatever you choose, it will surely be delicious! Slowly but surely, bagels made their way up my breakfast hierarchy eventually taking that top spot. That was then, and this is now. Since I’ve taken on the keto diet there are quite a few sacrifices I’ve had to make with some of my favorite foods to ensure positive results. Unfortunately, my favorite breakfast item of all time is a carb loaded trap! So the main question is do keto bagels exist? If the answer is yes, Where can I buy keto bagels? 

Many people fear these sacrifices they’ll have to make to see success they desire from the keto diet. In reality, most people who quit keto, quit not due to lack of results but rather quit due to the restrictions they’ll have to abide. It’s very tough to rid your diet of foods you have been eating your whole life, and there is an adjustment, but your health and weight goals could heavily benefit such sacrifices. The number one sacrifice I’ve regretted  since starting keto is bread. In its most simple form, following the keto diet means you must all but eliminate almost every form of carbohydrate and eat fat in its place. The body uses that fat for energy, and when the supplies run low, it then draws from your body’s fat stores for necessary energy. That leads to transforming you into a fat burning, weight losing machine. God knows I’ve missed some unnecessary, hibernation inducing, real carbs that are abundant in most forms of bread (including bagels :( ). There are just some foods you love as you grow up, that can never be replicated with different, healthier ingredients. But, it's important to know my success that I’ve seen on the keto diet is unlike any other diet or lifestyle changes I’ve ever made previously in my life. Although there will be a difficult transition phase of you realizing you will have to give up so many foods, you will find success. The success that comes with the restrictions makes it all worth the sacrifices of some of my favorite foods ever. But what if there was a middle ground? What if you didn't have to give up everything?

Almost 10 years ago, if you wanted to begin the keto diet or another similar diet, you’d find it almost impossible. There was such a lack of options for alternative dieters as many companies and people had no idea how huge keto and other diets would eventually become. Many people would find themselves eating the same thing over and over again and get sick of the repetition and lack of flavor. It would be very difficult to stay focused and true to a strict diet if you began to get bored of what was available to you. That was, until the popularity of the keto diet and the emergence of new keto-friendly ingredients like almond flour and no-sugar-added dairy-free chocolate, led to creative keto eaters and companies finding ways to substitute their beloved carb-rich foods for versions that had fewer carbs and still fit their keto goals. Indeed, today if you search for keto snacks on the internet, you’ll be hit with a barrage of listings for keto-friendly bars, breads, keto cookies, and more. The market is currently flooded with these new keto friendly options, and they show very few signs of stopping. People have shown such an amazing reception to variety within their specified diets, as it makes it so much easier to stay disciplined when you're actually looking forward to trying new keto snacks or keto recipes that can still assist you with your keto goals. But how about specifically bagels? Do keto bagels exist right now on the market? 

We have always been innovating at PBH Foods. We take any idea thrown our way and at least attempt to create it. We have the best keto desserts and the best paleo desserts delivered to your doorstep because we have innovated and experimented with recipes. We knew creating a keto bagel that was also a paleo bagel would be a little outside our comfort zone, but we did it. The best part of these keto bagels? They are also dairy free. We have had so many people say they are so grateful our bagels are gluten free, dairy free and have no sugar! These keto bagels are also only 1 net carb! You can enjoy these keto everything bagels with cream cheese, almond butter, or even as a sandwich with some turkey. After buying these keto everything bagels you are going to look forward to your morning breakfasts. These keto bagels bring me right back to growing up! Stop missing your old ways and start figuring out how you'll continue to push forward with your health goals with delicious keto-friendly alternatives to your old favorites! But that's not all we have in the works here at PBH Food! Maybe not everyone has as fond of memories of bagels in the morning, but everyone loves toaster pastries! We’ve created keto-friendly toaster pastries as well so everyone, even those of us trying to stay strict with keto, are able to enjoy our breakfast and get started with our day! Visit PBH FOODS to see how you can spice up your breakfasts, without any of the guilt! 

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