What is PBH Foods?

Many of our customers switch to the keto or paleo lifestyle out of necessity. Various medical conditions push our PBH Foods customers to alter their eating habits completely. A lot of our PBH Foods customers have also made the switch to just try something new or because they have been inspired by hearing someone’s keto success story or their paleo success story. Making a lifestyle change to one of these diets can prove to be quite a difficult transition for most. From eating gluten, sugar and dairy every day to leaving it out altogether is not the easiest (trust me, I know). The transition forces you to leave many of your poor eating habits in the past, many that you’ll find hard to not come back to. I have done both a keto lifestyle and paleo lifestyle and I know that the first week of changing to these lifestyles is so hard. Really hard. You quickly realize what you have been eating has not been the best for your body. 

One of the biggest reasons we created PBH Foods is because we were not willing to cut sweets all together. We wanted to find desserts that were delicious, but were not filled with garbage. With all of the popular, low quality sugar use in the industry, many people who live a keto lifestyle give up on baked goods altogether. Here at PBH Foods we specialize in making these transitions and lifestyles easier for you to stay true to by bringing your favorite desserts that you had to give up, right back to you. Although we understand the clear benefits on changing your diet to paleo or keto, we also understand this doesn’t mean you have to abandon desserts altogether. You don't have to miss your brownies, cookies and donuts anymore! We make fresh, baked to order, delicious keto cookies, keto donuts, and bagels. Oh and of course, my favorite, paleo cinnamon rolls

This year we expanded our product line to include many more options for both the Keto and Paleo community. We originally started by only offering paleo desserts, but with such a passionate keto diet following as well, we knew it was time to dive on in the keto desserts game.  Although both lifestyles are clearly different, they share many qualities with one another that allowed us to make delicious freshly baked goodies that fit each (and both!) lifestyles. Making yummy paleo and keto desserts, comes with many questions from curious our customers. Both lifestyles require that you stay very vigilant with the exact products (and their macros!) you’re putting in your body. One of the most common questions I receive everyday is “what's the difference between your keto products and your paleo products?” 

Truth is, our keto and paleo desserts are almost identical. The main difference between the two categories of our PBH Foods desserts, is what we use to sweeten them. All of our paleo products are sweetened using honey or coconut sugar. They are both natural sugars, which make them paleo friendly. It’s very important not to use any artificial or processed sugars to stay within your paleo diet parameters. Although honey is a delicious it’s also high in carb count so our keto PBH Foods customers cannot consume it. Knowing that you cannot consume honey on the keto diet it became very obvious to us we’d need to change the sugars within our keto desserts. For our keto desserts we use a combination of stevia, monk fruit, erythritol and allulose to sweeten the keto donuts and keto cookies. These sweeteners keep our keto desserts with a low carb count and contain 0 sugars. 

The parameters on the keto diet is to keep carb intake low, while maintaining a high fat count to push your body into ketosis. Ketosis is the process of pushing your body into using fat as energy as opposed to using carbs as it traditionally does. The only way to do this is to lower your carb intake to almost nothing, while keeping your fat consumption high!

The rest of the makeup in both of our paleo and keto goodies are almost identical. For the most part the base of all our PBH Foods desserts is almond flour, coconut oil, eggs, baking soda, and salt we’ve maintained a grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free, oil free, and soy free throughout our entire line of products in PBH Foods. 

Another popular question I receive regularly is “are your keto products also paleo?” Although we had to alter our original recipes to make our paleo desserts, the ingredients we use to sweeten all of our goodies are natural sweeteners. Being able to use almost the same ingredients for both our product lines helps us ensure quality and realness in all of our products. This was very important to us. This makes all of our keto goodies also paleo! As mentioned earlier, both lifestyles are clearly different. But by using premium ingredients and specific natural sweeteners were able to make delicious goodies that fall under both lifestyle restrictions! (But remember! Although our keto products are paleo, our paleo products are NOT keto). You can find all our delicious keto and paleo desserts here on our website

Ultimately, whether you are interested in our Keto or Paleo goodies, what we set out with PBH Foods was to create delicious, clean, nutrient dense sweets that just-so-happen to be paleo or keto. NOT create delicious keto and paleo sweets. Though we understand that some people just want products that are keto and solely look at the macros, we want to make sure we know exactly what’s going into our bodies. Whole, Real, Honest ingredients that anyone can pronounce. We kinda like it that way. 

What are some other questions you’d like for us to dive deeper into? Tell us below!

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