Best DIY Frozen Dog Treats

The summer heat can be unbearable at times here in Miami. Actually, all the time! The best way to combat the excruciating summer heat is by drinking/eating something cold and refreshing! When we are out and about we love grabbing a smoothie, popsicle or even ice cream to help cool us down. Monty, our 4 year old schnauzer, aside from being the cutest, is always trying to get a hearty lick into whatever I'm eating/drinking (especially ice cream) to cool down too! I always feel bad and want him to join in so we end up making him special treats!

Frozen dog treats are very easy to make and contain very limited amount of accessible ingredients (that you probably already have at home!). Most contain a combination of water/chicken broth, peanut butter, and low/ non-yogurt They have ready made ice cream for dogs at supermarkets, but it is so easy and much cheaper to make at home! Plus, you also know exactly what ingredients you are feeding your dog. Monty absolutely love these frozen snacks! 

Here are Monty’s favorite healthy frozen snacks!


  • Banana Peanut Butter Pupsicle: A simple blended mixture of banana, peanut butter, and yogurt. Blend until smooth and pour your mixture into an ice tray. (Monty’s favorite snack)


  • Low Sodium Chicken/Beef Broth Popsicle: Monty loves some hearty chicken or beef flavor, any time, any place. Pour some of either broth into an ice tray and freeze overnight. Your dog will love these to cool down :) 

  • Frozen Apple Dog Treats: All you’ll need are chopped apples and lowfat greek yogurt in a blender for the mixture! Pour into an ice tray and give your dog a couple cubes in their bowl on a hot day! 

  • Peanut butter and Strawberry freezies: Nothing like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a hot summer day. Your dog will love the frozen version! Blend strawberries and water until thick. Freeze the mixture and scoop some peanut butter right on top of the cube right before giving to your pup!

  • Smoothie Cubes: Turns out my favorite smoothie mixture makes for a popsicle Monty really enjoys. Just blend yogurt, frozen berries, and  banana. ,Freeze the mixture overnight and let your pup dig into their smoothie. (Try not to eat them all yourself ;))

  • Watermelon Popsicles: Puree a mixture of seedless watermelon, and water. Freeze in your ice tray with your dogs favorite dog biscuits and done! Simple and refreshing for your dog!


These are my favorite very simple treats to make for Monty throughout Summer. Very easy to prep and make and he absolutely loves them! 

What are your dogs favorite snacks? 

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