Aldi Keto Shopping List

Maybe I am the only one, but I love going grocery shopping. Perhaps, it’s the little chubby kid inside me. There is just something about strolling through aisles of food and selecting my favorite snacks for the week. You can find me and my boyfriend at the supermarket every Sunday afternoon, starving and looking for something to cook up the second we get home. 

When on the Keto diet I love to prepare a shopping list before we head out the door. I find that it helps me stay focused, and keeps me from ending up with a bunch of junk food. Just last week I went into the supermarket unprepared for battle and ended up getting home with 4 pints of rocky road ice cream.

Just recently an Aldi Supermarket opened up in my neighborhood. At first, I must say I was skeptical, but this supermarket is truly a hidden gem. The prices are perfect for staying Keto when on a budget, and they carry a few exclusive snacks that are not available anywhere else. I would love to share with you all a list of some staples that I always pick up when I’m shopping at Aldi!

Photo of Hass Avocados In Box

Hass Avocados

Basic, I know, but at 49 cents each they are such a steal here! On the keto diet you can have avocados with nearly every meal. Avocados contain only about 4 carbs and still provide a ton of nutrition. I recommend slicing up your avocado, and adding a few drops of lime and a tad of sea salt for an extra kick!

Photo Of 2 Almond Organic Milks
Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk 

Milk and Keto Chocolate Chip cookies? Of course, I had to include some milk. Almond milk helps satisfy the craving for a glass of milk, but without all the unnecessary carbs. Almond milk is naturally rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E.

Photo of 3 Whole Milk Greek Yogurts

Plain Whole Milk Greek Yogurt 

If I am feeling rushed in the morning, this is my go to breakfast. Also, perfect to pack into a container and take on-the-go. Just top with a couple berries for an excellent after dinner dessert. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, and it helps support a healthy bacterial balance in the stomach.

Pack Of Clancy's Pork Rids

Clancy's Pork Rinds 

Love these! It is hard not to eat the entire bag in one sitting. Nothing, but Pork Skins and salt! No unnecessary additives, or oils. Pork Rinds are a great snack when on Keto as they are high in fat and protein, and usually have zero carbs.

3 Packs Of Panino Tray

Panino Tray

This delicious tray consists of adorable little rolls of prosciutto, salami, or pepperoni, with provolone cheese.  Take a few to work, or snack on them before the gym. They are a great source of low carb protein anytime of the day.

Photo Of Cheese Party Tray (28 slices)

Cheese Party Tray 

The perfect partner for the Panino Tray. I am an absolute cheese addict! This is convenient because cheese is a must when on the Keto diet. It is a great source of calcium, fat, and light protein. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A and B-12, along with zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

Photo of Grass Fed Australian Cheddar

Grass Fed Australian Cheddar Cheese 

This stuff is totally delectable, gluten free, and imported. Basically heaven for a cheese addict like myself. I can eat nearly the whole block and still avoid feeling like I have a food baby. Also, cheese that is made from the milk of 100 percent grass-fed animals is the highest in nutrients and also contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K-2.

Pack of Natural Salami

Hard Salami 

Already sealed up and ready to go! Leave these in your car, or at the office, for easy snacking while staying in Ketosis. Cut into triangles, then place it in a Ziploc bag with some cheese cubes, and almonds. The perfect in between meals snack that will keep your from loading up on carbs. A whopping total of 17g of fat per serving.

Pack of Unsalted Almonds

Unsalted Almonds

These are perfect for the trail mix I mentioned earlier. These Almonds are raw, and thankfully do not contain any unwanted vegetable, or canola oils. I love to crush them up and add them to my morning cup of greek yogurt. Way better than granola!

Photo of the Pack of Thick Sliced Bacon

Thick Sliced Bacon

My mouth is watering at the thought of spreading some homemade guac onto a slice of Keto friendly toast and topping with a thick slice of bacon. At only $3.79 per pound, this pack of bacon is just too good to pass up. Next time you are at Aldi remember to load up on these!

Hope this helps the Keto enthusiast stay on budget, or maybe just try some new goodies. Let me know if you have found some hidden gems at your local Aldi Supermarket in the comments below! 

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