About Us

Hey World! Josy and Bryan here. You stumbled upon this page wanting to know a little more about Paleo Bakehouse and why we started it, thanks! A little about us. We are high school sweethearts turned newlywed couple (awww!). Josy is an incredible self taught baker that has multiple years in the hospitality industry. Bryan’s been changing lives as a personal trainer for over 5 years. Bryan owned a gym for 3 years and sold it to focus on Paleo Bakehouse full time with Josy.

We really started Paleo Bakehouse to scratch our own itch. We couldn’t find any products in the store that would meet our specific dietary needs but satisfying our sweet tooths. Even products that were “Gluten Free” still had artificial junk in it that we didn’t want to put in our bodies. So we got to thinking: What if we can create a product that was handcrafted (not lab created)  delicious and had only 7 ingredients or less? Ingredients people can actually pronounce. Ingredients they can find in their local supermarket.

 What if we can also save people a drive to the supermarket, dollars at the checkout counter and time to bake their own products? Well, we did. ;)

All of our products meet strict guidelines: No Junk, Nothing Artificial But most importantly it must taste Amazing.

 The Paleo Bakehouse (PBH) Values:

  • Passion For Our Customers
  • Bold With Our Products
  • Honest With Our Ingredients