About PBH Foods

At PBH Foods we bake 100% real, whole, and delicious treats. We are Passionate, Bold and Honest. These values inspire us to bake delicious sweets using real, whole, unprocessed ingredients found in your neighborhood market. All PBH treats are handmade in our small batch bakery to give you a fresh, homemade taste. Our goodies are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and non-GMO. Best of all? They’re delicious! We offer the best paleo and keto desserts around.


The Founders

Hi world, Josy and Bryan here! We’re high school sweethearts turned newlyweds (aww!) with a BIG dream. One afternoon, after many hours of walking through grocery aisles and searching online, we couldn’t find desserts that fit our dietary requirements. It was simple: we were looking for goodies that were both clean and delicious. Frustrated, we took matters into our own hands and began baking in Josy’s mom’s kitchen (Gracias, Mami!). After many attempts, we finally figured out our own recipes for delicious cookies that didn’t have a bunch of junk in them. We had never owned a business nor built a website, but we believed in our products so much that we wanted to share them with the world. 

PBH was originally founded in 2011 as Paleo Bakehouse, and it’s our baby. In those early days, we almost closed our doors not once, not twice, but three times. There were hard times and adversities, but we stuck to our dream because of the passionate PBH Tribe cheering us on. We’ve crafted hundreds of products and shipped thousands of boxes, and we’re happy to say that PBH is stronger than ever!

Passionate. Bold. Honest. PBH Foods.